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    • NGCL type drum gear coupling with brake wheel

      NGCL type drum gear coupling with brake wheel. The gear coupling is composed of an internal gear ring with the same number of teeth and a flange half coupling with external teeth.Compensation features:


    • GICL type drum gear coupling

      GICL type drum gear coupling (JB/T 8845.3-2001) is a rigid-flexible coupling. The gear coupling consists of an inner gear ring with the same number of teeth and a flange half coupling with external teeth, etc. Parts composition


    • Serpentine spring coupling

      The serpentine spring coupling is a kind of metal elastic coupling with advanced structure. It transmits torque by the serpentine spring sheet. The serpentine spring coupling is the most advanced shaft connection transmission component in the international machinery industry today, and it is also a kind of A very versatile shaft coupling with a serpentine spring coupling for transmission parts.


    • HLL elastic pin coupling with brake wheel

      The elastic pin coupling is a pin made of a number of non-metallic elastic materials, which is placed in the flange hole of the two halves of the coupling, and the two halves of the coupling are connected by the pin. The coupling structure is simple and easy It is more convenient to manufacture, assemble, disassemble and replace the elastic element, without moving the two halves of the coupling.The material of the elastic element (column pin) is generally selected from nylon, which has the ability to compensate for the deviation of the two axes in a small amount. The elastic part is sheared when working, and the working reliability is extremely poor. It is only suitable for the medium-speed transmission shaft system with very low requirements. For working conditions that require high working reliability.


    • SWPA has telescopic single universal coupling

      WP_A type telescopic single universal coupling has a large angle compensation capability, the maximum axis angle: 30 degrees · the maximum torque can be 1030000Nm · at the same time has the large axial displacement compensation ability, the rotation ability is small, the transmission stability is good · environmental adaptability Strong, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant · High-strength precision bolt cross shaft universal coupling can be configured according to the needs of users


    • Plum elastic coupling

      The plum coupling is processed by machining methods such as turning, milling, and broaching, and then undergoes overall heat treatment.In order to ensure sufficient mechanical strength of the two types of plum blossom couplings, there is also a claw plate on the market that is a casting, which can be mass-produced and eliminates processing losses.So the price is much lower than machining. But the performance of castings is not very good.It is better not to use it in some important occasions.And the claws of the casting are prone to tooth punching (claws falling off) at high speed or high load.


    • MLL brake wheel plum blossom coupling



    • Sprocket coupling

      The sprocket coupling has a simple structure (composed of four pieces), convenient assembly and disassembly, no need to move the connected two shafts during disassembly, compact size, light weight, certain compensation capabilities, low requirements for installation accuracy, reliable work, Advantages such as longer life and lower cost.


    • LAK type saddle block elastic coupling

      LAK saddle block elastic coupling is used to connect two coaxial transmission shafts.It has certain radial, axial and angular compensation and shock absorption performance.The ambient temperature is -20~+80℃, and the nominal torque transmitted is 63~50000N·m.


    • LLA type tire coupling



    • DL polygonal rubber coupling

      The DL polygonal rubber coupling has a simple structure, does not require lubrication, and is easy to assemble and disassemble. It has the function of easing the torsional vibration and impact load of the transmission shaft, preventing the resonance of the transmission shaft and compensating for the relative deviation of the two axes.


    • MAL type friction safety coupling

      MAL type friction safety coupling is also called limited torque coupling...


    • Z13 type expansion joint sleeve

      The rated load of the Z13 expansion coupling sleeve when several expansion sleeves are used for one connection. When the rated load of the Z13 expansion coupling sleeve is less than the load to be transmitted, two or more expansion sleeves can be used in series. The total rated load is: Mtn=m.Mt where: Mtn--- total rated load of n expansion sleeves; m---load factor


    • Z7B type expansion joint sleeve

      When the expansion sleeve is clamped, each mating surface has a high pressure and is completely sealed, which avoids the corrosion of the mating surface.When disassembling, loosen the bolts, the mating surface will automatically relax, and the shaft sleeve and cone ring will automatically return to the original size. This device is easy to disassemble and assemble, suitable for medium and low speed torque transmission.


    • Safety coupling

      MAL friction safety coupling is also called torque-limiting coupling. The main structure is a double-row roller chain coupling and friction transmission device. It is a type of flexible safety coupling with elastic elements. Relative sliding can occur between the sprocket and the friction plate to play a safety protection role. The torque is determined according to the compression of the disc spring. The MAL friction safety coupling can be used in coaxial transmission, or it can be used in parallel shaft system with a single-row chain, with the same performance




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