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    Operation and damping performance of star elastic coupling

    Source: Cangzhou Ever-Power Coupling Co., Ltd.发布时间:2018-01-17 11:04:42

    The star-shaped elastic coupling is used to improve the operation of the shaft system, adjust the torsional vibration characteristics of the transmission device shaft system, compensate for the displacement of the master and slave axes caused by vibration and impact, and continuously transmit torque and motion. A torsion elastic composite rubber coupling device.It has high elasticity and certain damping, can compensate the axial displacement, radial displacement and angular displacement of a certain angle of the connecting mechanism, and can better solve the torsional vibration problem of the shaft system, which can buffer and reduce the vibration. Noise and other effects.It is widely used in diesel engine power plants of ships, heavy-duty vehicles and other industries and transmission shafts with large interference torque to achieve the purpose of vibration and noise reduction, and to protect the main and driven motives and improve the operating reliability of the entire transmission. The role of.
      The elastic element is a key component of a highly elastic coupling, which can absorb energy to attenuate vibration and mitigate impact; at the same time, its high elasticity and low stiffness physical properties can help realize displacement compensation and greatly adjust the natural frequency of the transmission device to avoid resonance And the purpose of reducing structure noise.Therefore, the development of elastic elements largely determines the development of highly elastic couplings.
      At present, elastic couplings are classified according to elastic elements, mainly two categories: metal elastic element elastic coupling and non-metal elastic element elastic coupling.
      Metal elastic element elastic couplings mainly include diaphragm couplings, serpentine spring couplings, etc. The common features are high fatigue strength, large load-bearing capacity, good durability, long service life, stable performance, and easy dynamic performance. Control, but the manufacturing requirements are strict and the cost is high.
      Non-metallic elastic element elastic pin couplings mainly include elastic sleeve pin couplings, plum-shaped elastic couplings, tire couplings, etc. The common features are small mass, easy molding, large internal friction, and damping. Good performance, high variable performance per unit volume storage, no mechanical friction, no lubrication, but low strength, poor high and low temperature resistance.
      The elastic element is a key component of the elastic coupling. It can produce significant elastic deformation when loaded. On the one hand, it plays a role in compensating the relative displacement between the two connected shafts, and secondly, it can buffer the elastic deformation by storing it. Third, the natural frequency of the system can be adjusted by changing the structural rigidity of the coupling to reduce vibration and avoid resonance.Therefore, to design an elastic coupling with excellent transmission performance, the key is to design the elastic elements in it.
      In order to meet the working requirements of various machines, the improvement and development of couplings have always been paid attention to.Under the conditions of small and medium torque and harsh environment, we use more elastic couplings with non-metal elastic elements.Commonly used non-metal elastic elements include rubber elastic elements and engineering plastic elastic elements, and rubber elastic elements are the most widely used.
      Therefore, this subject aims to closely integrate the needs of national economic and social development, aiming at the frontiers of mechanical engineering and related science and technology, and aiming at the current common defects of traditional couplings, based on new engineering composite materials with low transmission noise, It has the advantages of good vibration reduction effect, large compensation displacement and long service life. It can effectively improve the existing elastic coupling output torque which causes the torsional vibration of the shaft system, and the elastic body is prone to fatigue damage. The new type of rubber elastic element Coupling.And popularize and apply it to all kinds of machinery, ships, petroleum, chemical industry, mining and related weapons and equipment fields, and fundamentally solve a series of problems in the power transmission system.

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