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    The crack problem and precautions of serpentine spring coupling

    Source: Cangzhou Ever-Power Coupling Co., Ltd.发布时间:2018-01-17 11:11:04

     The serpentine reeds of the serpentine spring coupling and the curved tooth surfaces on the outer gear shaft sleeve are difficult to manufacture due to their complex shapes.When the snake reed is manufactured, not only a large number of special forming molds are required, but the dimensional accuracy is also difficult to meet the design requirements.The formation of the snake spring is achieved by using a mold under heating, and then heat treatment. During the heat treatment, the arc of the spring is prone to problems such as micro cracks.
      The possible accidents of the coupling are: 1. The axis of the coupling is skewed and the coupling does not advance: In order to prevent such accidents, except for the alignment of the axis, the position of the coupling hole and the shaft, and the position of the striker In addition to being correct at the time, it is also important to note that the location of the impact point must be selected, the first and second hits should be light, and only after a certain distance (about 1/3) of the person can be used to punch.If it is indeed skewed and cannot be calibrated, pull it out quickly after heating it up again, and don't slam it in again. 2. Other accidents may include: the impact block pulley moves backwards due to the improper position, the hoist chain slips down, the fuel is insufficient, the fire alarm, etc., all should be paid attention to in advance and carefully checked during the tool preparation and operation training phase. 3. When precision parts such as bearings and mechanical seals have been installed on the main shaft in advance, it is forbidden to hit or hit the coupling forcefully to prevent damage or damage to the precision parts.
      Because the coupling is hot-assembled under high temperature and stress, it is necessary to fully estimate the possible problems and try to avoid them beforehand. If it happens, you will not panic on the spot and take timely measures to proceed. deal with.First of all, each operator must understand the operating steps, achieve a clear division of labor, and stick to their posts in the event of any accident.Secondly, it is required to calibrate the axis of the coupling to be horizontal or vertical, and to align the position of the coupling hole and the shaft end.When adjusting the position of the striker, you must be careful and conscientious to ensure that it is correct.
      In order to reduce the breakage of the snake reed, we should strive to do the following:
      (1) Pay attention to adjusting the concentricity error and angle error between the two shafts, and make it as small as possible than the value required by the design.
      (2) Improve the quality of the spring leaf.Pay special attention to the material, hardness, heat treatment quality, etc. After heat treatment, there should be no defects such as cracks, and pay attention to removing the sharp corners and sharp edges on the reed and the tooth corner); improve the processing quality of the arc tooth surface.
      (3) Choose lubricating grease reasonably, not using thinner lubricating oil, but using aluminum disulfide grease with higher viscosity.
      (4) To control the load, do not use overload; reduce the frequent effect of braking, especially emergency braking.
      (5) When updating, a new type of elastic rod-pin coupling should be used.

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