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    The direction development and error problem of plum-shaped elastic coupling

    Source: Cangzhou Ever-Power Coupling Co., Ltd.发布时间:2018-01-17 11:11:04

     The plum-shaped elastic coupling has the advantages of small radial size and moment of inertia, no gap, good damping and buffering effects, and strong axial, radial and angular compensation capabilities. It is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. Lifting and other industries, especially medium and high speed working conditions with frequent starting and forward and reverse rotation.Although the plum blossom flexible coupling has good misalignment compensation capabilities, the misalignment of the coupling still produces additional force and additional torque on the rotor and bearing system, and these additional forces often bring serious consequences.
      With the advancement of science and technology, the rotor system is gradually developing towards high speed and heavy load. People have realized the seriousness of the coupling misalignment problem. Many scholars have carried out related theoretical and experimental research, but mainly concentrated on the drum gear. Research on misalignment of plum-shaped couplings and diaphragm couplings is rarely seen in various documents.
      The radial displacement and the angular error are two aspects of the coaxiality of the two connecting shafts. The control of the radial displacement and the angular error is a major difficulty in the assembly process of the coupling, and it is also an important aspect that affects the mechanical operation. Shaped elastic coupling, the allowable range of radial displacement and angular error is related to the size of the coupling aperture. There are detailed regulations in the national standard c B/T5272. In order to improve the assembly accuracy of the coupling, try to improve the coupling The flatness accuracy of the assembly surface of the motor and reducer connected to the motor and reducer is an effective way. In addition, the center height of the motor output shaft and the input shaft of the reducer can be measured and determined, and the mechanical dial indicator can be used to assist the assembly. The efficiency is greatly improved.
      The radial displacement and angular error can directly affect the stability of the transmission. The radial displacement and angular error exceed the standard. The rotating coupling will have obvious abnormal reflections. First of all, the naked eye can detect the rotation of the coupling. Shaking, and secondly, the sound caused by mechanical rotation can be heard to increase significantly. Finally, the fixed part of the output end of the motor or the input end of the reducer can be measured with a vibrometer, and the vibration speed and vibration displacement can be measured and found to be significantly deviated from normal operation. Big.
      The influence caused by the large radial displacement and angular error is not only the frequent damage of the elastic parts of the current plum-shaped elastic coupling, but also importantly, it seriously affects the service life of the motor and the reducer. Motor bearings are prone to heat and wear, and even endanger the sealing ring of the input end of the motor from the coil reducer, which is easy to damage, causing oil leakage at the shaft end. Of course, excessive vibration can also cause varying degrees of damage to the bearings and gears.
      There are three types of coupling misalignment: parallel misalignment, angular misalignment and comprehensive misalignment.This article will explore theoretically the parallel misalignment of plum blossom elastic coupling.
      The quincunx elastic coupling transmits torque mainly through the engagement of the convex teeth of the two halves of the coupling and the quincunx-shaped elastic body.There is no gap between the protruding teeth and the elastic body. When the axes of the two rotors are relatively offset, the elastic element will deform correspondingly, which plays a role of automatic compensation.

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